B&R collaboration launched

B&R and Noux Node launch a new collaboration regarding IIoT solutions for customers wanting to add a digital layer to their machines.

"B&R has recognised Noux Node has one of the best IoT solutions on the market and wants to offer this to the customers as an extension to B&R automation platform. With Noux Node end-2-end software based IoT solution, B&R and its customers can solve a full range of IoT demands from simple tasks to machine learning, AI algorithms, digital twins and much more." says Carsten Clemensen, Managing Director Northern Europe at B&R

Noux Node solution can be integrated into B&R hardware from the factory making this very easy to install for the customers as a plug and play solution. B&R’s open automation platform also allows customers to optimize the hardware solution so that no extra equipment is needed to secure connectivity (VPN) and data collection.

Both parties see a big potential for OEMs entering the Industry 4.0 era by adding a digital layer to their machine. Noux Node's independence of hardware and cloud platform offers customers a total freedom to create both cloud based as well as local installation as IoT solutions. B&R´s open and extensive automation platform offers customer optimized hardware solutions. Being open means that collaboration also supports any other automation platform as well old fleet connectivity to the solution.