Data Sources

Install our edge app to any device or operating system that supports Docker and achieve independency from hardware and systems. Read values, for example temperature, securely to NouxCloud. Process data stored to the automation system can be read with supported communication protocols (MQTT, OPC UA, HTTPS, S7, Modbus TCP, Digital I/O and many more). Captured data can be filtered or preprocessed easilly already at the edge app before sending to NouxCloud which saves data storage space.


Identify parameters from the automation system and read them to NouxCloud as variables, for example temperature. Build hierarchies of variables and nodes in order to manage data, devices, sites and locations. Capture data from all kinds of data sources, for example new and legacy machines, existing servers, and harmonize and structure them in NouxCloud. Derive custom variables from automation system variables, like average and median values, and combined values, for example current / temperature ratio. Data flow of custom variables can be visualized for clear editing and documentation.


Create dashboards from variables, such as graphs, tables, single value meters, maps etc. Save and share dashboards via link so the viewer does not have to be a NouxCloud user. Create different dashboards form the same data and share them to dedicated end user groups, like operators or production planners.

Alerts & Tickets

Set limits and conditions for variables and if conditions are met alert is created. Alerts can be used for maintenance purposes and collected for reporting purposes. Alerts can also be used as a basis of tickets that serve as service requests to maintenance responsible parties. Created alerts can be used via interfaces to trigger tickets in other service request tools.

Advanced Features

Use machine learning to forecast variable values by various in-built models or by using your own models. Compare both real and forecast values and improve models accordingly. Use the forecasts to raise alerts. Manage device data and update firmware to always have the latest version. Use edge computing to run actions on edge, like filtering or low latency digital twin. Data processing can be done both in cloud and in edge.

Secure Connections

NouxCloud connection between machines and cloud supports TOSIBOX® VPN solutions. You can install TOSIBOX® Lock for Container software based solution similarly to Docker as our edge app. It is also possible to include TOSIBOX® Lock for Container and Virtual Central Lock in our subscription to get a full IoT / VPN solution from one place.